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Mission Statement:     “Prevention and Reduction of Substance Abuse in Jackson County” The Jackson County Drug-Free Council, Inc. was officially created in 1991 by Indiana statute in association with the Governor’s Commission for Drug-Free Indiana.  Our council of volunteers works to address specific substance abuse issues by: Serving as an advisory board to the County Commissioners, recommending worthy projects for funding through the local Community Drug Fund. Coordinating community resources, projects, and services regarding substance abuse issues. Assessing community needs and developing a community-wide comprehensive plan to address those needs. Increasing awareness of specific alcohol/drug abuse issues facing our county. Advising Indiana Criminal Justice Institute’s substance abuse division on actions needed and the progress that has been made in Jackson County. In addition to building and maintaining a strong local membership, the Drug-Free Council has developed an annual comprehensive plan to address these issues, utilizing local data to identify trends and specific drugs of abuse.  Our council serves as the oversight committee to make recommendations on the allocation of local grants through the Community Drug Fund.  Our administrative expenses are paid by a grant from this fund.  These funds enable our county to offer needed programs and services that otherwise would not have been possible. Recent projects funded in 2017 include: Seymour High School random drug testing Girls, Inc. presentation of Friendly PEERsusaion to 8th graders Seymour High School SADD video equipment and promotion supplies Jackson County Drug Task Force purchase of narcotics during investigations Jackson County Alcohol & Drug Court Services educational program contract services Jackson County Drug-Free Council director contract and operating supplies/fees The Jackson County Drug-Free Council meetings are open to the public, meeting the second Tuesday of every month at the Community Foundation of Jackson County located at 2nd Street & Community Drive in Seymour from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.  We offer many ways to become involved: Volunteer to serve on the council or as a committee member to work on a specific event. Invite a council member to speak to your civic organization or workplace on ways to coordinate, support, and promote local efforts to prevent and reduce the abuse of alcohol and other drugs in our community. Make a tax-deductible contribution to further the cause of the council. Contact: Brenda Turner, Coalition Director at (812) 216-2229
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